BONUS SET: Ripped baby T
I want to show you the new shirt I made!!!! I found this cute white tshirt at the market, but had an idea on how to make it sexier. I used scissors to make cuts along the front of it to give peeks of me!!!!!
Ever since I saw the cartoon movie ďThe Hunchback of Notre DameĒ, I thought the idea of being a gypsy would be so romantic. Traveling to new places and entertaining lots of people. I also like...
BONUS SET: Ripped baby T
I want to show you the new shirt I made!!!! I found this cute white tshirt at the market, but had an idea on how to make it sexier. I used scissors to make cuts...
Sailor Joon
I think I would make a great super hero! I watch lots of cartoons and when I was young and I loved reading comic books too. One of my favorite characters was Sailor...
Red Whale
I really hope this brings a smile to your face! I had a blast playing in the ocean today. When I was at the store picking up some oil and bottled water, I saw this...
BONUS SET: Farm girl
Lily Koh is always telling me stories about her farm, so I thought it would be cute to dress up as a farm girl :)
Deserted Beach
Ever want some time to be by yourself? I know I do, so I decided to go for a long walk today. After about 20 minutes of walking, I realized that there was no one...
BONUS SET: Pussy Peek-a-Boo
Hehe! I hope you don't mind that I forgot to wear panties today. My cute white dress is just short enough to show off my legs.. and my white tank top gives a glimpse...
A Night Out
Tonight I am going out to meet a few of my girlfriends, and I want to wear something special! I looked through my wardrobe and found this outfit that I had never wore...
BONUS SET: Blue Pigtails
I have my hair in cute pigtails just for you! Do you like this style?
Zebra Bikini
I had so much fun rolling around in the surf today! The sun was blazing but it didnít matter. The cove I was in had a ton of people, so this will be one of the few...
All Star
These boots are so cool! I like that they match with my new Converse shirt. But I like even more how these pink micro short grab my buns! Today was a day filled...
BONUS SET: Pigtail Playground
I made my hair into cute pigtails for you... and did some cute and sexy photos at the playgroud!!!!!!
Pink View
I recently bought a lot of new bikinis! Of course I have to try them all out to see how they look. Not only did I pick up bikinis, but I also found lots of cute...
Bad Schoolgirl
Sometime I just want to be bad! Today I skipped out of my Language class and played hooky just for you. Iím full of attitude and want someone to hang out with me....
BONUS SET: Jean Miniskirt
Let me show off for you in my cute jean miniskirt!!!
Brown Sugar
I have been spending a lot of time playing on the beach lately, so my skin is turning a nice shade of brown! I think the name for it is "tan", but I heard the...
Alone Time
Today I headed to the farthest end of the island. There is a cliff with a long trail that leads to rocky ocean at the bottom. I went down the trail and was happy to...
BONUS SET: Outdoor Strip
Watch me strip down and show off outside! :)
Lifesaver Dress
I am making a trip up to Chang Mai in Northern Thailand! I have a special dinner I have to attend. My cousin announced her wedding engagement and my family is making...
BONUS SET: Goofing Off
Hehe... I have on my visor and strip down outside! I had so much fun today. I made a trip out outside to make some fun photos, and I see now my buns are busting out...
Scarf and Panties
One thing I wish we had in Thailand was snow! With warm year round tropical weather, and no high mountains, winters are a season I have yet to experience. I hope...
BONUS SET: Roadside Flashing
I had a great idea today! I put on my cute pink sweater with no bra, and went outside to the road. When I thought no one was coming, I opened my shirt and flashed my...
Even though I know I couldnt hurt a fly, it is fun to play like Im a bad ass girl in the military! And you know how I love to dress up! So I lace up my combat boots,...
Double Your Pleasure
I donít normally wear a lot of makeup, so the time that I spend in front of mirror getting ready isnít really that long. Most of the time when I look in the mirror, I...
Hi guys! I was have fun today and thought you would like to see! I only brought my little camera, so here are some fun candid photos I made outside. If you like...
Crashing Waves
The ocean is so beautiful and powerful. Each day as tide rises and waves crash against the rocks, water sprays everywhere! It's kind of like my own private Songkran!...
Maid For You
One of my fantasies is that Iím a maid in a large castle. The master of the house comes in while Iím cleaning and tells me I havenít been doing a good enough job...
BONUS SET: Jungle Booty
After school today, I thought it would be fun to sneak out to the jungle for some fast sexy photos! All day in class the idea was exciting me. I almost couldn't keep...
Deep Blue Sea
Right off of the coast of my Island sits a couple of other small islands. Since they are so small, no people live on them, so they are perfect for small day trips....
Curves and Curls
Today I went to the beauty salon!!! Since my hair is a good length, I am able to do many things with it. The only problem is when I get to the salon there are so...
BONUS SET: Outside Booty Shorts
Today I have some homemade photos I made for you! I set up my small camera on a tree and set the timer.. then ran back to show you my booty! I like how my stomach...
Love Shack
Love Shack baby! On a deserted section of beach on the far side of the island is this tiny abandoned shack. From looking at it, it kind of reminds me of an old...
BONUS SET: Hide and seek
Let's play a game together! It's been a long time since I play game hide and seek, and I wanted us to play together. It is most fun to play outside in nature, with...
Colorful Balloons
Balloons are so much fun to play with. I like to blow them up and make the craziest noises with them!!! I am pretty sure it is the most fun I can have for 20 baht...
BONUS SET: Flowers and buns
I love flowers so much! They are so beautiful and smell soooo nice. Just to breath their fragrant scent in makes me happy. Here's some fun sexy pics I made outside...
View Talay
ĎTalayí is Thai for Ďoceaní! I enjoy looking out over the horizon, where the ocean and sky meet. I like to walk along the shore until I find a nice vantage point to...
Fragrant Flowers
There are so many similarities between flowers and girls. We are both delicate, come in many different styles and we smell so good! I love to wear flowers in my hair...
BONUS SET: Blowin Bubbles
Want to see me pucker my lips and blow?
Silly String
I love being silly! Yesterday I went to the toy store to pick up a present for my cousin. When I was there, I saw they were selling silly string! I havenít played...
My Special Place
This place really is special to me! When I was little, my mama would bring me to this beach. It is where I would often play with my friends and make many new...
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