I love having my photo taken! Every week I have brand new sexy and fun photo sets. I find many private places on my island to take naked photos, so you'll see me inside my room and on the beach in, and out of, many different outfits.
Update: 07/24/16
Update: 07/21/16
Update: 07/18/16
Update: 07/15/16
Update: 07/12/16
Update: 07/09/16
Hehe... I'm on top of the world! O.k., I went and did a little sexy exploring on the roof top. What a beautiful view it was. I could see the ocean, and the water was really clear today!
  Hehe...I love playing badmitten! I'm not so good at it, but love to run around and play with my friends. I wear my cute soft blue dress and sneakers loves running back and forth on the court....  
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